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Mixfactory One Studios is an authorized Mastering Facility for iTunes, ISRC and UPC.

The Mastering process, the Recording process and Mixing process all require a high quality product and each depends upon the previous steps to achieve the best possible product for the end listener. Without quality recorded sounds, the mix will suffer and without a properly mixed track the master, and ultimately the final product, will suffer. Mastering requires taking the mixed stereo track and processing it to meet the necessary criteria for CD, radio and digital distribution.

Mastering allows a final set of professional ears to listen and tweak your mix for overall EQ, phase alignment and loudness. It allows an engineer aware of the standards in all formats to adjust your song to meet the requirements set forth in each distribution medium.

Mastering performed at Mixfactory One Studios follows the ATSC-A/85, RP-200 and iTunes mastering level standards. Mastering is the step where ISRC codes and metadata are embedded to allow tracking of your song thru the digital world for payment and statistics. Mastering is also the point where your album would be sequenced and levels matched for a consistent flow from song to song.