Mixing is the process of blending and combining the individual sounds captured during the recording phase into a stereo track for the public to hear and enjoy. This is the time where all the elements seamlessly meld together to become what you want the world to hear as your creative output.

Mixing is the musical step where equalizing, compressing, panning, level changes, effects, etc are added to create the aural tapestry that is your song. Just as in the recording process, the mixing process involves proper acoustics, equipment and engineers to create a quality product.

Our state of the art mixing rooms have been designed and tuned to provide the engineer with a frequency correct working area. Without this type of tuned control room, it is extremely difficult to achieve an even mix that will translate across a variety of playback areas such as computers, cars, clubs and radio. We also use the latest equipment and software technology during mixing to optimize each sound.

Our mix engineers have worked on hundreds of gold and platinum records and Grammy hits. All of these elements combine to bring your mix to the next level. And we always encourage your input and ideas. Every engineer welcomes your attendance at the mix. After all this is your song and we want the mix to be the vision you are hearing.