A great recording happens when a combination of room sound, gear selection, Mic placement, instrument quality, talent, and good vibe all come together In perfect proportions under the watchful eye and the trained ear of a talented engineer.

Mixing Is an art that takes years to master and is the most critical aspect of making recorded music. It is where a talented engineer uses equalization, compression, automation, and effects processing to accurately balance and blend multiple sounds in a clear and coherent manner. When it comes to mixing, experience transcends even the best equipment. Anyone can call himself or herself a mixing engineer, but the truth lies in the quality of the final sound.

Mastering is the art of perfecting your audio before releasing it to the masses.
Mastering uses effects such as compression, limiting, and equalization plus others to enhance the OVERALL sound of your music. Your music will be comparable in presence and volume to commercially released recordings after it has been mastered.